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OnLine Video Sessions Now Available

Stay put and attend remotely.  Our team are available for OnLine Sessions in the comfort of your own home on your phone, tablet or desktop computer - and it's super easy!

(0401) 300 635

NEW - TapTime

TapTime is an informal counselling, support and advice service.  It has been designed to meet the needs of the community particularly during this difficult time.  TapTime allows you to contact us to talk via phone, video chat or text - for whatever you need help or advice on.  This might be for a few moments respite from family life, to help you calm down, to solve a problem, to work through a serious upset, loss or fear or whatever it is that is concerning you.  We all need support, and never more so than now, so our team are offering flexibility during this time - with a willingness to be AS AVAILABLE AS POSSIBLE.  So if you are having a bad week, you may need to check in several times a week, or you may just need a safe place to share your pain and struggles, or some practical advice to cope with the stress, isolation or changed family dynamics or circumstances.  Many of you will be without your support network for a time.  Many of you will be lonely.  Many are afraid.  Many are confused. 

TapTime means that you can be supported by our professional and experienced counsellors who can give you solid, qualified advice around coping strategies, parenting, relieving anxiety and fear, managing isolation and resolving family pressure and conflict and any number of concerns and problems that will undoubtedly arise for you during this time. 

How does it work?

Simply purchase of a block of time and we will allocate you your own personal support counsellor with whom you will be able to communicate directly on an as needed basis - within their availability.  Every effort will be made to respond as quickly as possible. Your time can be used just like turning a tap on and off, as much or as little time as you need, with availability between 10am - 8pm. Just text or call to set it up. We will respond to you as quickly as our availability allows.   

Once your time has been used, simply purchase more if needed.  You are free to use your time for 10 mins today, 5 mins tomorrow and half an hour next week or broken up in any way that suits you - after all, it's YOUR time - On Tap!

*FairGo policy applies - please remember, your counsellor does need to sleep, eat and support other clients too! Please SMS to check availability.  They will respond asap.


Buy 30 mins of TapTime

for just $75

1:1 Mobile & Video Chat with one of our Team


Buy 1 hour of 'TapTime'

and receive 15 mins extra absolutely FREE



Buy 2 hours of TapTime 

and SAVE $30 PLUS receive 30 mins extra absolutely FREE


Counselling and Coaching - OnLine or In-person 

Specialist Counselling is provided on a range of issues for clients from all walks of life.  At More Than Mediocre, our team of counsellors in Cranbourne East are highly trained and experienced to cater extensively to the counselling needs of the whole community.  Each member of the counselling team has not only been hand picked by Tracey-Leigh for their high level counselling skills, but they have valuable life experience that compliments their professional practice, supporting you to achieve the best possible outcomes for yourself, your life and your relationships.

Counselling is provided on all issues including relationships, conflict, trauma, abuse, depression, anxiety, stress and anger management, dealing with menopause, parenting and blended families, career changes and life transitions, small business coaching, phobias, AOD, addictions and more. 

Clients can look forward to meeting a down to earth and welcoming counsellor and feeling comfortable and at ease with them immediately.  We are real people with very human lives and personalities, just like you - and we relate to our clients as such and create a meaningful and trusting bond between counsellor and client.  Our counsellors adapt in the moment to work with whatever issues present, in   a way that works for the client to create positive life and behaviour change and effect better communication and understanding.  Our 'tailored to you' approach happens naturally as we build our relationship with you and move from gentle awareness building and supportive reflection to high impact transformational styles in order to best serve your needs.  

When working with young people, couples and families, we sometimes utilise tools such as symbols and word cards to assist clients to identify and express how they are feeling and create greater self awareness.  These tools are effective in creating empowerment and greatly reducing feelings of fear, loss, anger and guilt.  
Therapeutic techniques include CBT, Gestalt, Person Centered, ACT, Existential, Family, NLP,Mindfulness, Adlerian, Reality, Narrative,  TFT Tapping, Time Release Techniques, Hypnosis and more.

All members of Tracey-Leigh's Counselling Team receive regular mentoring, training and guidance, ensuring that her team are equipped in every way to meet the needs of their clients.  So YOU and every client, can be assured of getting the absolute best counsellors available.


Programs and Events

We often run programs and events to support our clients to achieve their goals.  Each of these are are written, directed and facilitated by Tracey-Leigh.  These are powerful, life changing events that sky-rocket participants capacity to do life in harmony and relationship with themselves and others and provide tools to support them to grow, heal and find fulfilment.

Check out Making Life Work - our new online program NOW!

Marriage & Relationship Counselling

Personal Counselling

Abuse & Trauma Counselling    

Drugs, Alcohol & Addiction

Family and Parenting Issues

Step / Blended families      

Divorce and Separation

Stress, Anxiety and Depression 

Confidence and Self Esteem     

Thought Field Therapy (TFT/Tapping)

Grief and Loss

 "I tried TFT not really knowing much about it and I was amazed at how it worked - the first time!  It was like magic.  No more obsessing or worrying.  It was so great I sent my husband along for his past relationship baggage, and even though he was pretty dubious about it, it worked first time on him as well!  I'm completely sold on it."

Female client, aged 27 of Berwick

 "When I arrived at counselling I was a mess and couldn't talk without crying.  I was so traumatised by a recent event that I was suffering anxiety and nightmares daily.  Tracey-Leigh treated the trauma and anxiety with TFT and I immediately felt calmer.  I was then able to talk about what had happened without feeling panic-stricken and we worked through my fears, which turned out to be more about a past issue than what had most recently occurred, so we treated that with TFT too and I was right to go - all in one session.  Amazing! "

Female client, aged 40 of Nar Nar Goon